For community self reliance to work properly we need to keep our setups and organizations as open source as possible in terms of passing on knowledge and promoting this path of collectively working together to others who wish to do the same. As I mentioned earlier on, running off to the sticks with a bag money and buying a smallholding is beyond the reach of many, and it also makes sense to help every body to do it as opposed to its previous existence as some niche specialism with alternative culture. Insularity and community self reliance do not go together, if we are to think about and create a new relationship with each other and nature, it has to be together, and it has to involve as many people as possible who either show an interest or are prepared to muck in. The age of individualism and its managerial marketing buddy Capitalism is over, as part of this death of excess and greed based in the illusion of infinite growth millions are being plunged into long term poverty as arse licking technocratic politicians nod ‘yes’ to every stinking underhanded whim that the Banking sector suggests. guerrilla_gardening

A chink in the armour

Despite these times being depressing and worrying for many, there is a real break in the armour of global capitalism and how it operates where we  can create spaces spaces of resistance and transition to develop more people and planet centred methods, this break is all we need to start hooking up with people and producing on a local level, and since there will be no relent with the money masters and greedy capitalists we will see more and more people looking to get together with others to build themselves lives from the ashes of Histories most greedy and bloated orgy of destruction.

Towards a permanent culture

Self reliant communities can solve a lot of the problems that have accumulated through our use of fossil fuels by localizing work and creating the resources that are needed within our communities, it also means that on a local and community level that we are taking back the power in terms of our work and what we do for a living, in its fullest blossoming this permanent culture of the future based on localized creation of resources for the benefit of all members of the community is a powerful collective way out of capitalism and its traps and pitfalls and one would do well looking into for the sake of every living thing on the planet.


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