Are Governments attempting to stop citizens from growing their own food?

I have watched and followed with some worry and considerable concern during the last few years at various Governments  attempts to ban people from growing organic food and medicinal plants in their home gardens.

No Conspiracies here!

At first glance this looks like something that you would expect to come from conspiracy theorists, in many ways I wish that it was just a conspiracy, but sadly there is no conspiracy here, no half truths with the bits in-between filled in with wild and fantastic stories of New World Orders, and three headed Aliens trying to control us.

The evidence

The first thing I read that started the alarm bells ringing for me was the two Bills S.425 and H.R.875 which were introduced both in the House and Senate of the US Congress by Democrat Rosa DeLauro, this caused immediate controversy as Rosa De Lauro is married to Stanley Greenberg, who is Chairman and CEO of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, who have carried out work for Biotech company Monsanto.

Outwardly these Bills that are currently before the Senate in the US are masquerading as a set of new food safety standards, however these Bills are so vague and open ended that if they were fully implemented there would be a high risk of Organic and Heirloom seeds, and the general production of organic food being banned.

One of the central aims of the Bills is to completely industrialise all food production in America. If implemented it would be illegal to grow food in your garden, and also illegal to give that food away to your friends and family. Other parts of the Bill attempt to restrict and control the usage of valuable minerals and vitamins that have proven beneficial effects on peoples well being.

There have been some successes in stalling and changing bits of these Bills in the US, but the rushed implementation of them is still going on where the Obama Government are pushing the Bills without any public consultation whatsoever in a bid to get them on the Statute books as quickly as possible.

Neoliberals in the US are quick to make claims that the two Bills have nothing to do with banning organic food growing and Heirloom seeds, but there is some very recent evidence that flows contrary to their claims.

The Rawsome food company in California who produce and sell raw organic food have been visited and arrested by armed S.W.A.T Police on two occasions. The two issues that drew armed S.W.A.T teams to the Rawsome Food Company were the sale of naturally produced milk, and the sharing and giving away of surplus food.

In another case, The Police and Nevada Health District team raided Quail Hollow organic farm in Nevada in 2011, with claims that the fresh vegetables which were grown on the farm and were being used to feed a local get together of growers and their families were a toxic bio-hazard, meat that was reared on the farm was also classed as toxic, and all food from the event was confiscated and destroyed.

Similarly the New Zealand Government are currently trying to push through the Food Bill 160-2 onto their statute books, it has already passed through the first stage of going onto their statute books, once fully implemented it would mean that it would be completely illegal for people to grow and share food from the back garden plot or smallholding and only those involved in agribusiness would have the right to grow and produce food.

The New Zealand Bill has developed out of demands from the WTO (World trade organisation) The WTO represent the interests of businesses and companies and is not a Statutory Government body with the welfare of the world citizens at heart. And just like the American Bills that are before their Senate (S.425 and H.R.875) the New Zealand 160-2 Bill also prohibits the use of Heirloom seeds and seed saving.

Europe legislates against Herbal preparations

There have also been developments in Europe, particularly with the use of Herbal plants as medicines, in April of 2011, the European Union set in place rules governing the use and classification of herbs and herbal preparations, these rules have effectively denied thousands of NHS patients the use of traditional herbs, it also puts in place registration rules that enable herbal practitioners to operate under strict licensing rules, the registration process alone costs between £80-120,000, which of course means that only larger more corporate type companies can afford to pay to register.

This European legislation was sold to us as something that has been put in place to protect our health and well being, but research into fatalities from herbal and none herbal medical drugs paints a biased picture, in the US between 75-100,000 people a year die from Proscribed pharmaceutical drugs, whist Dr. Christianson ND looked into deaths from herbal preparations and found no evidence to suggest that any deaths had occurred other than a few dozen cases where people had either combined prescribed drugs with herbal, or where people died from plain ignorance by ingesting essential oils, his research found that no deaths had occurred from proscribed herbal remedies that were given out by trained herbalists.

What we can do about it?

Protesting is always a very valid and useful strategy to bring about social change, and this case is no exception, as large scale protest and outcry in the US has halted the Bills from becoming enshrined in law up to now, however we believe that the main means of fighting back that we should be employing is disobedience.

With something as important as the food that we eat, our disobedience should be that we continue to grow our own food, and save our own seeds, and also help and encourage others too, we should accelerate this process where ever possible

If any of this legislation does become enshrined in law, it will mean that our efforts to live an ecologically sound life whilst reducing our reliance on fossil fuels also becomes illegal, we must resist these measures at every level!


  1. It has been reported that Monsanto has been coating its corn seed in nicotine, to prevent spoilage from rodents. One small problem, the corn (in growing) will ingest the nicotine; which is poisonous to bees. And we wonder why were having Bee Hive Collapse. A stalk of corn has how many ears?? Each ear will cost a bee his life.

  2. If these laws pass, then there will be a big underground business in growing food in the same way it is for marijuana now. And selling “illegal” food will be a big underground business–maybe for organized crime–in the same way that illegal drugs are a big business now. Did anybody read about bootleg liquor sales in the 1920s?

  3. We are seeing Monsanto’s agriculture experimentation in Hawaii.

  4. If this were to happen in the Netherlands, it wouldn’t really come as a surprise, but the US…. I mean, wtf?? How long do they think people will take this? One day my generation is going to turn off the television and will start looking around. And on that day my generation is going to get really pissed off. I mean REALLY pissed off. So Mr. Montesanto and all you’re corrupt puppet-politicians… Remember the lines of this poem. We are many, but you are… few. So come and arrest me in my front yard garden. I will be expecting you.
    Much love to you all, fellow revolutionists, from the Netherlands.

    “Stand ye calm and resolute,
    Like a forest close and mute,
    With folded arms and looks which are
    Weapons of unvanquished war.

    And if then the tyrants dare,
    Let them ride among you there,
    Slash, and stab, and maim and hew,
    What they like, that let them do.

    With folded arms and steady eyes,
    And little fear, and less surprise
    Look upon them as they slay
    Till their rage has died away

    Then they will return with shame
    To the place from which they came,
    And the blood thus shed will speak
    In hot blushes on their cheek.

    Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number,
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you-
    Ye are many — they are few”

    (The Masque of Anarchy, P.B. Shelley)

    • The US Government is so corrupted by the special interest money like Monsanto both the Democrats, and Republicans not sure which
      Party is worse for our environment and food now?

      In the future I can see massive movements against our own Government.
      Even good politicians have their hands tied, and have no power to fight back for the good of the people in our country.

  5. this is so crazy sounding
    next the government will just knock on our door and just rob us.
    everyone start a garden today !!!! i am !!!!!!
    these criminals must go down !!!!!

  6. Read the book “wild swans” written by a girl that went through the takeover of China and you will see what is happening to us…..and as J Edgar Hoover said, in Masters of Deceit, a book we all had to read in High School, when you know it is happening, it is too late. In 1966 he predicted it would take 50 yrs.

  7. Everyone’s forgetting….governments are our employees, they should be working FOR us, not AGAINST us. We need an viable alternative to the current 2 party system, because it’s a system that is well and truly broken.
    Word for these sorry times: Prosthetylise. Get out there and talk to anyone who will listen about how broken our democratic systems are. Educate, inform, encourage, enlighten. And resist! Resist nonsense such as not being able to grow your own veggies, or collect something that falls free from the sky. It’s as basic a right as breathing oxygen…and who knows, if we don’t nip this sort of idiotic legislation in the bud (no pun intended), then we might very well find ourselves paying for oxygen too.
    Let’s get back to basics.
    This is what I aspire to, and I’m saving madly to be able to buy my own little piece of land and make it a reality: grow my own food, free of pesticides. Collect my own water and use a self composting toilet. Generate my own electricity via renewable alternatives. Travel wherever possible using renewable energy. Upskill so that I can repair broken tools and appliances instead of contributing more than I already have to the frighteningly enormous amount of non-biodegradable landfill we now have. I will probably still have to work, but only part time, leaving me time to get my hands in some soil and then cook up my chemical free produce for my family and friends. And the notion that a government, any government, can take the choice of that lifestyle away from people is nothing short of a step towards slavery.
    It is time for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Resist.



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