Avoiding Burnout Workshop – Mike Grenville

Session filmed at Sunrise Off Grid Festival 2011

Great session on how to look after yourself when you are involved in Activism, it is all to easy to be swept along by issues, feel depressed when everything can seem so hopeless. Mike offers some practical advice on how to look after yourselves and others when undertaking activism. Burnout is sometimes presumed to be the price of being an activist. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This film will look at recognising the signs of burnout and share some practical prevention tips.

In order to move towards a better world it can seem such a daunting task beset with problems and challenges, but it is very important to look after yourself and to get some joy from life and not become subsumed by the issue you are fighting for. If you just take one thing from Mikes talk it is the ability to say no, one of the most crucial things you can do to stay well. Remember to really look after yourself people, fight a good fight, but also keep yourself well.  Mike – Permanent Culture Now

Some other great resources on how to avoid burnout:

Series of tips on how to avoid burnout written by Neil Woolman.

Activist trauma net is a great site that covers a whole range of issues relating to activism and mental health, police infiltration, support networks etc.

We particularly reccommend reading at least this flyer on burnout if you don’t read anything else.

American Civil Liberties Union have this great page on how to assess your own well being and tools and tips to help if you are approaching burnout.


Big thanks to Mike for letting us film this talk. More info about Mike Grenville

Mike is also heavily involved in Transition Forest Row

Big thanks to Sunrise Off Grid Festival for letting us film this talk.




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