holistic-health4Due to The dense and gross materialism of popular consumer capitalism and its all engulfing nature of competitiveness and built in inequality, inventing new ways of doing things and tinkering with older low impact technologies that were forced onto the backburner by the absolute domination of fossil fuels, is a lot easier and accessible than you might think, particularly when its fired up and inspired by absolute necessity and a new generation of solutions based ideas and practices. Firstly, we have absolutely nothing to lose in our endeavors to live a more thoughtful human life on this earth that we are taking apart for our frivolous and throwaway consumption, and we also have a lot to gain, as we are able to disengage with the ruinous system that has people and planet locked into a destructive slavery through our own efforts and innovations and the efforts of others who share these aims and goals.

Closing the loop

With the proliferation of Permaculture as an emancipatory system of ideas and strategies we now have a means to provide solutions to much of the problems caused by capitalism and highlighted by the Environmental movement for the last 4 or 5 decades. Permaculture is also moving our perceptions away from the idea of ‘Environment’ as something separate that we need to protect for our material needs into a way of thinking that is more more interconnected and holistic in our relation to the planet and our natural habitat within the planet.

Degeneration of monocultural linear economics and the illusion of domination

But back in the world of work and money We have broken and deeply flawed monetary system that isn’t designed for the well being of people and planet, its design and logical conclusion is the system-failure-348x196extraction of every piece of raw material on the planet and its selling off of these raw materials to profit a tiny handful of people until there is nothing left whatsoever. And at some point in the not distant future this flawed model of money and economics is set to fail again, with adverse consequences for millions of people. The mono-cultural core of capitalism is perpetual profit based on the idea of a perpetual growth that isolates itself from the natural resources and the Labour that generates it.  Similarly our perceptions of nature vary through different political, theological and philosophical positions, but in the real world, there is little evidence to suggest that any of these systems are working towards a holistic, universal and resilient future with nature and her well being central to it, rather these systems have accepted the domination of capitalism and infinite growth whilst throwing out faint and watered down mutterings of protestations without actions.But as many are aware, we are intrinsically and essentially a part of nature, and our best attempts to dominate nature are fueled by greed and growth.

Bioneers and praxis

The saving grace here again is permaculture and those who are making, designing, planning and trying out ideas. This Praxis of permaculture and its ethics and principles are enacted by those brave and inspired Bioneers who are not scared to apply alternative thinking, and to experiment their way into a better future. There are good many Bioneers of our time, including as basic examples the City repair movement in Portland Oregon in the US, the Biospheric Foundation in Salford, Manchester in the UK. These two communities, and many hundreds more like them globally are trying out new ideas and experimenting their way into an uncertain future using ideas drawn from a whole series of practices and disciplines, our monocultural times demand holistic thinking for a fairer and more ecologically resilient future world where we reconnected with nature and each other.

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