Film of the Bristol Green Week Schumacher Lecture 2012:Who says we can manage the planet?

Speakers Clive Hamilton (Australian author & academic), Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future), James Vaccaro (Director of Investments, Triodos Bank) Festival chair Jonathon Porritt sets the context for the week, then introduces the eminent Australian  author and academic Clive Hamilton, who asks: are we, 21st century humans, capable of managing the planet? Or, by aspiring to become masters of the Earth, are we destined to destroy it? James Vaccaro of Triodos Bank asks: what are the lessons of the global financial crisis?

Film of the Bristol Green Week Schumacher Lecture 2012: The Politics and Ethics of Change

The Politics and Ethics of Change, Speakers: Caroline Lucas MP (Leader of the Green Party), Patrick Curry (author, Ecological Ethics) & Polly Higgins (Eradicating Ecocide). Caroline, Britain’s first Green Party MP, reflects on how major environmental issues fare in the political world; Patrick advocates an ethical approach to nature and Polly updates us on the major piece of global lawmaking she has initiated with her campaign to eradicate Ecocide.


Film of the Bristol Green Week Schumacher Lecture 2012: Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink Speakers: Tony Juniper (Environmental campaigner, ‘The most effective of Britain’s ecowarriors’ – The Independent), speaks about the importance of water: where it comes from and where it goes; plus Andy Wales (Head of sustainable development at SAB Miller) & Aimee Sayer (Water resources planning manager at Wessex Water). Part of the ‘Water Challenge’ programme of this year’s European Green Week 2012. Plus a video contribution from Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, USA.

Film of the Bristol Green Week Schumacher Lecture 2012: Regeneration for real on the Ground and in Your Mind

Regeneration for Real: on the Ground and in Your Mind. Speakers: Kevin McCloud (Channel 4’s Grand Designs), Rob Hopkins (Transition Towns Co-founder) & Tim Smit (Founder of the Eden Project). Tonight’s speakers personify regeneration – bringing new life. Through Kevin’s work we experience a continuous flow of innovation in design; Rob has brought us the model of the resilient community, and Tim has created one of the most inspiring projects in the country.

Film of the Bristol Green Week Schumacher Lecture 2012: No more business as usual.

Speakers: Andrew Simms (Fellow of the new economics foundation), Deborah Meaden (BBC TV’s Dragon’s Den) & Juliet Davenport (CEO of Good Energy). Three top thinkers address the crucial role that business has to play. All are leading innovators: Andrew in the many programmes he has led at nef, Deborah in her passionate role as a TV Dragon, and Juliet in setting up Britain’s foremost renewable energy company.

Film of the Bristol Green Week Schumacher Lecture 2012: Behaviour Change: warts and all

Speakers: Ed Mayo (Secretary General of Cooperatives UK), Solitaire Townsend (co-founder of Futerra) & Clare Dakin (co-founder of Tree Sisters) A look at community and at what motivates us to change our approach. Ed outlines the ways to ‘move your money’ in more ethical directions; Solitaire demonstrates the positive role of ethical marketing; and Clare introduces Tree Sisters, a vital new community which began life here in Bristol.

Film of the Bristol Green Week Schumacher Lecture 2012: Moving to a zero society (more info below) Unfortunately due to technical problems we did not get John Elkingtons Talk.

Speakers: John Elkington (Volans Sustainability), Felicity Hartnett (London Olympic Games), Michael Pawlyn (Exploration Architecture), Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future)

Our final evening will be framed by our favourite poet, Matt Harvey, known for his great sense of humour, as frequently heard on the BBC’s Saturday Live. Our keynote speaker, John Elkington, is one of the UK’s true environmental pioneers. His new book, The Zeronauts, introduces a new breed of innovator, determined to drive to zero such problems as carbon, waste, toxics, and poverty. And two of the Zeronauts will be joining us – Felicity Hartnett, sustainability manager for the London Olympics and Michael Pawlyn, a leader in biomimicry-based architecture.

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