First up a big thank you to all the people who have used the site up until now, we hope you like what we have done and we hope you will continue to help us all move to wards a permanent culture, through developing a fairer, sustainable and more just future. So whats new and what have we got planned for the future.

Whats new

We have completely redesigned the site to make it easier to find articles, watch our films, access social media and interact with us in general.

New films section


There is now a films section where you can find all our films.

New front page


We have completely overhauled the front page so that you can see our latest YouTube films, Facebook posts, as well as much better access to the whole of the site.


We hope you like it would love to get your feedback on it.

Future plans

Permanent Culture Now has a range of exciting stuff coming up in the next couple of months.


New self reliance, society news and art/culture section

Steve is currently beavering away in between allotment preparation tasks, to produce a range of tips and tricks that will enable you to become more self sufficient. The society news section will begin to collate some of the more interesting stories and article that we post on facebook, especially the inspiring stories that can help us move towards a permanent culture now.


New articles on everything

We are currently producing a huge range of articles for the site on a range of issues and will continues to do so.

New guest posters

We are hoping to get some more great new posts from friends, far and wide and hopefully some of your good selfs.

New Films

We are currently producing films on how to make:

  • seed bombs
  • rocket stoves
  • rhubarb wine
  • homemade cider
  • how to build a lean to greenhouse
  • how to build a compost bin from pallets

New Gallery Section

We will be uploading a shedload of pictures from the last 6 months into a new gallery section.

New links sections and contents section

We are developing some quality links sections to all the best stuff on the web, that we have found interesting. We are also putting together contents sections for reach topic to make it easier for you to find content more easily. We have already done this for some of the sections as you can see.

Inspirational Individuals and Quotes series

Every week we will be highlighting one or two inspirational individuals and show what we can learn from them. As well as this we will state our favourite quotes from the annals of history.

Website of the week

We are going to recommend one website a week that we think is really good, we would love your suggestions on this, got a great website we should promote then let us know.


We are actually now going to put together a monthly first newsletter for you with updates and links to special stuff click below to sign up and we can let you know whats coming up on the site. We have got some bigger news coming down the pipeline of a really exciting project, but you will have to keep in touch to find out what that is as we can’t disclose it at the moment.

Thanks for reading Mike & Steve

To a Permanent Culture Now for one and all

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