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A feast of Quantitative Easing | The Spectator
A new jury to put the British public interest first
A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis – Positive Money
Activist Post: International Currencies Increasingly Rejected in the Face of Inflation
All But Two FTSE 100 Firms ‘Avoid Paying Tax’
Average life of a fiat currency
Bankers cost each one of us £8.40 for every £1 they produce, study shows
BBC Bias over the austerity agenda
Boliva expels coca cola
Britain is ruled by the banks, for the banks
Britain’s press are fighting a class war, defending the elite they belong to
CNBC Admits That We Are All Slaves To The Central Banks
Court rules that US fed is privately owned
Dale Farm Solidarity
Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS
European Crisis Explained 
Eurozone Market will Crash Traders like Alessio Rastani dream about the money they will make
Eurozone trades Greece huge bailout for austerity assurances
Fight Foreclosure – Demand The Banks Produce The Note!
George Soros on the financial crisis – we are entering a period of “evil” | Black Triangle Campaign
Goldman sachs mock trail at occupy
Greece’s financial crisis from the inside
Greeks’ Choice — and Ours: Democracy or Finance?
Haywoods Voice: Mark Steele on Question Time Highlights attacks on the Poor
How Early Is Too Early For Holiday Marketing? | Postconsumers
How rising prices are hitting your pocket
How to Fix 30 Years of Redistribution: Tax the Rich
Iceland what it has done in response toithe crisis
It’s Time to Tackle Tax Havens
Keith Olberman tells the 12th richest man in the United States how it is…
Kieser on how bank theive get treated compared to roters
Krugman on why austerity is wrong
Libor: The Largest Insider Trading Scandal Ever | ZeroHedge
Map reveals stark divide in who caused climate change and who’s being hit
McRibs are made from the unhappiest pigs
Meditation improves the immune system – Telegraph
Michael Moore: support the NHS 
Money has been privatised by stealth
No Need For Public Spending Cuts!
No Western Government Has Ever Claimed The Power To Do This, Not even Hitler.
Owen Jones: Here’s the question… could you live on £67 a week?
Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns – Telegraph
Robert Reich Takes On The 6 Biggest GOP Lies
Sacked by the DWP after 34 years’ service for depression – and then found ‘fit for work’ by DWP/AtoS
Some Greeks Might Have to Pay for Their Jobs
Tax avoidance is systemic
Taxpayers alliance refuse to reveal taxpayer subsidies
TEDxHampshireCollege – Chuck Collins — Taxing the Wealthy
Telling It Like It Is: Max Keiser
The Battle of 12th February,Greece,Videos –
The debt crisis  Manchester Business School: Think Out Loud
The Failure to Break Up the Big Banks Is Dooming Us to Depression
The global economy is broken. Here’s how to fix it
The Greek Crisis – Reel News: That’s Our Power — Rank and File Organising 
The largest heist in history 
The Money Masters Are Living in Fear :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecastin
This economic collapse is a ‘crisis of bigness’
Three Big Lies Perpetuated by the Rich
UK Uncut starts legal action against tax office over Goldman Sachs deal
UK unemployment rises to 2.68m
Uks poorest hit by economic downturn
US passes law to stop goverment killing citizens
What is the future of income inequality in the U.S.?
World Bank Famine in Niger

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