Clare Hedin Green Economics. A sustainable life. Dynamic Emergence – Exploring Consciousness in the realms of the Creative Collective

Film of Clare Hedins talk at sunrise off-grid 2011

How do we use our dedication to green living, social justice and environmental intelligence as a path of our evolutionary unfoldment? In this talk we will explore how Spirituality and Consciousness relate to Sustainable Living, Creativity & Innovation in times of change. We will consider what intelligence really is, where it comes from and what it takes to work intelligently – using this talk’s definition – both individually and as part of a team. How do we collaborate in ways that promote the emergence of sound ideas and self-maintaining communities? What is the inner nourishment that we need in order to be a sustainable species?

Speaker,Clare Hedin, poses that; if the aim is sustainable living, then understanding our interdependence and how we are a contributing and emerging part of this living system will help us to identify the process of making ‘right choices’ as part of our social infrastructural and economic development. In her words;

“Our creativity and our social intelligence is not an indulgence to put to one side whilst we ‘sort out the important stuff – it is what the important stuff needs from us in order for us to better discover what’s possible. Understanding our dynamic flow is a wonderful place to begin growing a life where we are as organic as the food we wish to eat!”

Clare Hedin is a creative multi-media artist and teacher of many years. She has lived in San Francisco/Bay Area for 20 yrs, amongst communities of people dedicated to integrating conceptual ideals and technological wizardry and also in Glastonbury, Somerset, where the Earth is the teacher. She teaches both privately, experientially and academically (San Francisco State University, Management Department) looking at the intersections of different kinds of intelligence that both limit and expand our possibilities. To her all things are an opportunity for raising self-awareness and subsequently social intelligence with one key word in the forefront of all her thinking; kindness. Kindness to self; Kindness to other. To see more, read more and listen to some of her presentations and performances, please visit

Is Clare right do we need a new convergence, a new way of thinking what do you think?

Is this needed for a sustainable future?

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