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51 (Mostly) Simple Ways to Spark a Commons Revolution
9 Core commons principles
A short history of enclosure and why the tragedy of the commons is flawed from the Land is ours
Brazilian copyright law innovation
BRHG – The Commons
BRHG – The new enclosures
BRHG talk The Magna Carta Manifesto
BRHG Time, tide and money
Catastrokia debt crisis film
Collaborative Consumption
Commons Law Project | David Bollier
Commons rising
Cooperatives as an alternative economic model
Destroying the Commons: On Shredding the Magna Carta
Discussing the Assemblies and Consensus of #OccupyWallStreet (1): Is Consensus vs. Majority All Ther
Don’t Tell Us It’s Not a Class War
Elinor Ostrom Remembered (1933-2012)
Global movement 2012: Achieving People’s Control Over Land and Livelihood
Guerrilla Farmers – Part One
How to coordinate bottom-up enterpreneurial projects that work with a commons?
HSBC Envisions the End of the Commons | On the Commons
New enclosures – Midnight Notes
New Left Review – Naomi Klein: Reclaiming the Commons
On the commons seminars: Covenant, Stewardship and the Inclusive Commons
On the commons seminars: Democratising the Global Political Common Qulligian
On the commons seminars: Financial Innovation and the Commons
On the commons seminars: Organisational Practice and the Commons
On the commons seminars: Political Economy and the Inclusive Commons 
On the commons seminars: Property Value and the Commons
On the commons seminars: The Commons and the New Era Economics
On the commons seminars: The Crowd and the Commons
On the commons seminars: The Great Transition and the Commons
P2P and Utopia
Peer to peer and marxism
Peer-to-Peer and Marxism
Peter Linebaugh — Meandering on the Semantical-Historical Paths of Communism and Commons
Privatising the rivers and rain
Product hacking – how to make loads of stuff
Production, not consumption; Economics of the Commons, not Sharing Economics
Rights of Nature: Planting Seeds of Real Change
Shareable: The Commons as an Antidote to Relentless Growth
Ten gudielines for the commons
The coming of the commons
The commons a short film that explains the commons FILM
The commons and world governance
The commons and world governance full report essential reading
The commons is about commoning
The commons wikipedia entry
The Political Economy of Peer Production – Michel Bauwens
The Political Right and the Commons | David Bollier
Tlavi films: Part 1 Why the tragedy of the commons is wrong FILM
Tlavi films: Part 2 The English enclosures
Tlavi films: Part 3. The Invention of the Author
Tlavi films: Part 4. Audience Creation 
Tlavi films: Part 5. Why Cat Videos Matter 
Tlavi films: Part 6. Extreme Copyright 

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