This film of the Living memory, Future Worlds: Bristol Voices on Climate Change exhibition is brought to you by Older Woman for World Change (OWWCh!), a small group of Bristol women concerned about the future Bristol’s children may face if we continue burning fossil fuels the way we’re doing now.

The exhibition is based on interviews with Bristol people from a wide range of backgrounds and includes portraits by Bristol photographer Mark Simmons, and images from Adam Nieman of Carbon Visuals showing Bristol’s carbon emissions graphically against familiar landmarks.

“We chose people who are old enough to have lived a lower-technology lifestyle, less dependent on fossil fuels, and people from countries that didn’t have the resources to be so wasteful. We asked them what it was like living a lower-carbon lifestyle, and in the exhibition and accompanying booklet you can see what they said.

We think we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, find co-operative ways of living with climate change, and still have good lives. Through neighbourhood action we can increase ordinary people’s ability to make a better future for Bristol, and to influence what governments do.”

Exhibition co-ordinator, Caroline New

Hope you enjoy it.

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