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Garden Info:

We are a small urban farm serving five families. We have just shy of one acre of land and have experimented with many different types of gardening to maximize production for our environment. We have also planted a micro-orchard that is just coming to fruit this years. We do garden tours and provide educational opportunities to children and adults in gardening methods, composting and backyard chicken keeping. We hold several open houses each year in an attempt to build community and connect like-minded people in our area. I have been veg. gardening my whole life and can’t imagine not doing it. It makes me heart-sick to see that people don’t know where their food comes from or how it is grown. I am very saddened that some in our neighborhood think that this practice is only done by second-class people and don’t want it to ‘bring down their property values’. We will continue to fight for garden freedom!

I would love to hear from other gardeners, contact me at cyd.gutz[at]gmail.com. Please replace [at] with @, thanks Cyd.
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