Part 1 – 4 of talk by Nicola Peel on Change In the Amazon & How One Person Can Make a Difference. The whole talk will play through from part 1-4 if you wait for each section to end.

Filmed at the Off Grid festival 2011.

Nicola Peel is a full time environmentalist and dedicated to environmental education. She is active on many projects around the world, particularly in South America where her successful projects have included mycoremediation trials on oil spills in Ecuador; building village infrastructure with waste-filled plastic bottles; fim production work for the Amazon Defence Coalition and much more. This talk will look at some of Nicola’s amazing work, but, most importantly, inspire us all to do more in our own lives to change the world we live in. Nicola will look specifically at the power of our Pound, showing how we choose to use it effects how our economy functions and also how it makes a statement as to our intent as a consumer.


For more information on Nicola’s work, please visit, for more information on off grid check out and sign up to permanentculturenow newsletter to be kept update about what we are doing.


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