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11 Year Old Grows Veggies to Feed Homeless

2,000 Year Old Food Forest in Morocco

2,000 Year Old Food Forest in Morocco

20 Eye-Catching Pieces of ‘Recycled’ Urban Furniture: Geeky and Green Adaptive Reuse Design Projects

3 sisters planting

40 Gardening Tips to Maximize Your Harvest – Organic Gardening – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

7 Food Forests in 7 Minutes with Geoff Lawton

A Deliciously Resourceful Town Aims For Total Food Self-Sufficiency in 7 Years | Wake Up World

A FOREST GARDEN YEAR Perennial crops by Martin Crawford

A great overview of a permaculture project

A visit to Offshoots Permaculture project

Anatomy of a cob oven


Backpacking: Diy tools for backpacking The Outdoor Adventure

Backyard Permaculture

Backyard Permaculture Permaculture: Vertical Growing with Arches

Bee Strawbridge: Workshops

Beekeeping: Ross Conrad discusses Natural Beekeeping

Bees: gorw your own bee garden

Bees: make a bee nesting box

Berm: Build a berm with a bunyip water level

Best of Permaculture online February 2012

Big Bird at Green Markets

Biochar stove, how to make a dome school one pdf guide


Build a Self Watering Container

Build Your Own Solar & Wind Sound System

Chickens that feed themselves

Cob Homes

Community food growing is good business

Community gardens blossom

Community Project: GROFUN community growing project

Community Supported Agriculture.

Compost holder: make your own

Compost toilet: Emptying a Compost Toilet_0001.wmv

Compost: Planted Compost Circle

Covering crops to prevent weeds

Creativity: Philip & Katie’s Garden

Crop circle

D.I.Y. Sub-irrigation

Dave Angel: Eco Warrior

Dervaes family garden (great permaculture project)

Designing a garden with musical motifs: Organic Gardening

Dig For Victory and Our Future

Dirty kids are healthy kids – the Hygiene Hypothesis

DIY Water Projects — Catching it, saving it, treating i, …

Drinking water: how to treat it

Eco Worriers Christmas Special | Cynnal Cymru

Ecological Education: Education for a Permanent Culture

Egyptian Walking Onions (perennial onions)

Empowerment. Self reliance, Redpill

Fallowfield Secret Garden

Farmageddon – the truth about the food and diary industry

Farming and urban gardening in cuba

Films about the environment from undercurrents

Food NYC A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System (pdf report)

Foraging – Lyme Disease and Japanese Knotweed

Forest garden: 30yr self-sustaining garden

Forest garden: Backyard forest garden

Forest gardening book (feee full book)

Forest growing project: Afforestt

Freeganism Documentary

FRESH – World’s Wildest Supermarket Permaculture Research Institute

Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes = Frugal & Self-Sufficient

Furniture: Cherry Log To Country Chair

Garden planning: How To Program a Vegetable Garden

Garden planning: Incredible possibilities for vacant sites

Garden Sieve

Gardeners to do list MAY

Gardening apps, 5 of the best

Gardening as a therapeutic intervention in mental health

Gardening with kids is fun

Gardening With Your Kids Is Great Fun

Gardens Thrive on Top of City Busses | Wake Up World

Gifts for Gardeners

Glass Bottle Kiln (film)

Global Buckets : Introduction (like EarthBox®)

Global Village Construction Set | Open Source Ecology

Green manure, how to make it

Greenhouse made of plastic bottles Clare’s Allotment

Greenhouse of of plastic bottles video 2

Greenwood Workshop

Grow 20 Square Feet of Vegetables in 4 Sq Ft of Space with the Phytopod Container Garden

Growing food is a political act

Growing Food, Permablitz in Action

Guerilla gardening


Guerrilla grafters: splicing fruit onto a city’s trees

Guerrilla grafters: splicing fruit onto a city’s trees

Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way

Heirloom seeds: Saving Heirloom Seeds Through Crowd Sourcing

Herbal firestarters how to make

Homegrown Revolution (Award winning short-film 2009)- The Urban Homestead

Horwich Harvest

House building: This is the House That Hemp Built

House Made of Straw || Adventures in Building a Straw Bale House

How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres | Wake Up World

How Many Community Gardens?

How to be self sufficient (guardian article)

How to Build a Chicken Incubator With Junk Around the House

How to get a second crop of tomatoes — for free

How to Make Electricity Using Plants and Sunshine: Scientific American Podcast

How to make primitive kilns

How To Make Solar Panels From Scratch – Make Your Own Energy

How to Sheet Mulch

Hugelkultur – proof that it works!

Hydroponic Farming Trends

Introduction to Permaculture – 40 hours of Free video lectures

Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action

Jesse DuBois – The Urban Farming Revolution

Keeping Chickens: The ultimate beginners guide.

Keyhole Garden – How to make an African style raised bed

Keyhole garden how to make one (film)

Keyhole gardens

Kitchen: Building Made Entirely of Recycled Kitchen Sinks

Korean Natural Farming – IMO Part 1

Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Lazy gardening: gardening basic to get you by

Living green the old way podcast

Lofty ambitions: why green roofs are the future of urban gardening – Green Living – The Ecologist

Low-Cost, Multipurpose Mini-Building Made With Earthbags – DIY – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Low-tech Magazine: The art of producing sustainable consumer goods: basketry

Making Local Food Work: Manchester (film)

Masonry stoves: how to make one from recycled paving slabs

Medicinal uses for knotweed

Mushrooms: Petroleum-Eating Mushrooms To Decontaminate Our Most Polluted Sites

My Masonry Heater and Others

My Permaculture #4 living realistically for ever.

Natural Farming: non-tillage rice cultivation at Solitude

Natural Farming: non-tillage rice cultivation at Solitude

No dig method: Fukuoka gets better soil with no-till

No Such Thing As Waste

Nutritive Herbs

Occupy Permaculture

Old Pallets

Old School Bus Turned Into A Tiny House

One day challenge: Grassed area into permaculture allotment

Opensource ecology loads of practical ways of making stuff brillant project

Opensource ecology Ted talk

Paul Stamets – Bioremediation with Fungi

Peeponics – hydroponics without the chemicals, aquaponics without the fish.

Perennial Polyculture Prevails over PeakOil

Permablitz Melbourne

Permaculture – Emilia Hazelip – Synergistic Garden (95)

Permaculture Activist Magazine

Permaculture allotment project, part 1

Permaculture Ancient History Of The Americas

Permaculture and energy

Permaculture Behind Greening the Desert with Geoff Lawton full 8:40min clip

Permaculture design course, taught by Patrick Whitefield

Permaculture Essentials: Nitrogen-Fixing Plants

Permaculture in Ghana

Permaculture in Miami

Permaculture layers and zones

Permaculture Pedal Power

Permaculture Punks of Mexico City

Permaculture research and development lab

Permaculture urban style

Permaculture ‘Urban Style’ UK

Permaculture workbook: flatty-wholeSystemSequence.pdf

Permaculture: Sid’s Punk Permaculture Garden

Permagardens for Family Empowerment.wmv

Permculture Insititue loads of good info

Place to buy pants and stuff

Plants that like shade table

Plastic Bottle Lights… Amazing!

Practical Permaculture in Britain – Pt2

Practical Permaculture in Britain – Pt5

Primrose organics audio slideshow

Primrose organics centre UK courses etc

Product hacking – how to make loads of stuff

profit: organic farming vs. permaculture farming

Punk Rock Permaculture E-zine

Rain gutter gardens

Raised garden beds: hugelkultur instead of irrigation

Rat-tailed Radish

Replanting hedgerows using permaculture design | Permaculture Magazine

Resislent food systems how to design them without money and fossil fuels

Revegetating and Reducing Fire Risk in Spring Creek Gully

Reversing climate change & desertification with holistic planned grazing

Rob Hopkins – International Permaculture Day 2012

Rocket stove six brick mould

Rocketstove How it’s made

Roof gardening in New York

Roundhouse: Take a Tour of ‘That Roundhouse’ built by Tony Wrench & Faith (film)

Russia provides loads of its own food in small family plots

Sawdust stove: how to make one

School Turns Abandoned Field into Organic Farm, Growing Ton of Produce for Cafeteria

Seed bomb Britain

Seeds: ‘Our Seeds’ 57 mn doco (Nossas Sementes)

Self-Watering Container Using 2 Containers

Shareable: Design It Yourself

Shareable: How to Map Assets & Expose Real Wealth for Shared Futures

Shipping container house! Film

Showers: 500 showers heated from one small compost pile: a how to tutorial

Sid’s Inner City Garden update.f4v

Sid’s Punk Permaculture Garden

Slugs – a homeopathic approach

Small holdings: Website for finding small holdings

Soil Building Methodologies

Soil: Enhancing the dirt

Soil: The Secret is in the Soil

Solar Cookers

Solar Food Dehydrator

Solving poverty with urine “piss poor film”

Spiral garden

Spiralseed permaculture information site

Spring pruning

Straw Bale Building: Rachel Shiamh (film)

Strawbale gardening

Strawjet a Solution to deforestation

Sub irrigated planter: Make a 2 litre sub irrigated planter

Surplus apples, pears, plums, cherries for sale or to give away

Swales in Landscape

Swedish Fire Torch (film)

Technique for getting garden grown

TEDxManhattan – Howard Hinterthuer – Veterans Food Production Program

Temperate climate permaculture site loads of great tips

Temperate Climate Permaculture. Your source for Permaculture design in a Temperate Climate!

The Basics of Natural Farming (part 1 of 2)

The Fast Show – The Offroaders – S03E04

The Man Who Stopped the Desert – Trailer

The Permaculture Movement Grows From Underground

The Transformation of Our Home by Michelle Avis on Prezi

The wildflowers of detroit community ecology

Thermoelectric Generator

Three sisters planting for allotments

To till or not to till

Tour of the Sabina Permaculture Project

Tree Identification Walk Part 1

Tree pits: The design of tree pits

Tree stumps: How to remove tree stumps without chemicals or tools

Unclog drains the eco way

United Kingdom – List of permaculture projects – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Urban farms an east bay tour

Urban Permaculture

Urban permaculture – city repair, re pattering the grid etc.

Urban Permaculture in Bolton

Urban Permaculture UK 2008

Urban Vertical Gardening

Using Biochar (charcoal / agrichar / terra preta) to improve soil and sequester carbon

Vertical gardens and living walls series of great images

Vertical Veg – inspiring and supporting food growing in tiny spaces

Vetiver System (Vetiver Grass): Ground Water Recharge

Vetiver System (Vetiver Grass): Soil and Water Conservation

Watch a jaw-dropping northern lights display

Weeds that arent weeds podcast on weeds and what you can eat and use

What Should I Do If I Can’t Grow a Garden?

Why local farmer is important

Willow crafts

Windowfarms: how to build

Wood gas generator


WWOOFing website World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Zaytuna Farm Video Tour (Apr/May 2012) – Ten Years of (R)Evolutionary Design

Zeer Pot-in-pot refrigerator higher humidity results Flower Pot Fridge

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