This is an interesting debate on the future of farming and resilience of food production, stick with the debates because there is some really good discussions on types of food production and sustainability of food production, supermarkets and local food production. Would love to know your views on these films, what do you think about the issues raised,

Is farming the way forward for out food production supply?

Should we treat out farmers better?

Do we need large-scale farms?
Part 1:

Part 2:

Resilient Farms Confrence
August 20th 2011
Fernhill Farm, Nr Cheddar, Mendip Hills
Conference: 10am – 7pm

Saturday August 20th 2011 will see the second annual Farming Conference held at Fernhill Farm in the Mendip Hills. This years focus will be on building resilience in UK farming and exploring the true resource potentials of the sector. The conference will examine the potentials of ecological diversification of farms and estates, building local economic networks and brands, low carbon food production and the wider benefits of sustainable land management.

Featuring a host of presenters from across the farming world, as well as from renewable energy, waste management and environmental technology groups, the Conference will look at ways in which farmers and estate managers can diversify activity on their land to bring wider economic, social and environmental benefits, as well as building a farming sector in Somerset and the surrounds that reflects the need for greater resilience.

Sessions throughout the day will look at energy generation from sources as diverse as solar, wind and anaerobic digestion; waste processing; education programmes; tourism activities; network-building and local food production. Presentations will be short and lively with a focus on Q&As and discussion topics. Representatives from across the farming and rural sector will be taking part with the conference being introduced and opened by Michael Eavis of Worthy Farm and Glastonbury Festival fame. He will also be holding a Q&A session at the event.

More info on speakers at the Sunrise Website


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