Video of talk by Seattle Solidarity Network put on by Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

In August of last year Seattle Solidarity group visited Bristol and explained to us how a solidarity network works and how they have been used to get back workers wages from dodgy bosses, get deposits back from unscrupulous landlords and the like. These groups can be setup by anyone and are based around the principles of solidarity and cooperation.

“Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol) is a workers’ and tenants’ mutual aid group that you can join to fight back against bosses and landlords when they do something like steal your wages or your damage deposit. By supporting each other through collective direct action, and winning these small fights we build our strength, experience and confidence, we can take on bigger opponents and take back more from the bosses — and we start to realize that we can do far more than that — we can create a new world.

Join a member of SeaSol in a workshop and discussion about why we believe that building solidarity networks or doing similar small-scale organizing in every city is one initial step towards building a movement of resistance based around people’s daily experiences and fighting back against the rich and powerful.”

Seattle Solidarity Network Website

Everything you need to know about setting up a solidarity network from Libcom, so set one up now 🙂

Recent victory for the Seasol group against the Chase bank, well done people.

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