Film of the Public Lecture by Silvia Federici about her new book: Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle (PM Press, 2012)

Presented by Bristol Radical History Group

revolution at point zero book coverWritten between 1974 and the present, Revolution at Point Zero collects forty years of research and theorizing on the nature of housework, social reproduction, and women’s struggles on this terrain—to escape it, to better its conditions, to reconstruct it in ways that provide an alternative to capitalist relations. In this talk Silvia outlines the ideas within  this book in a clear and lucid way. Indeed, as Federici reveals, behind the capitalist organization of work and the contradictions inherent in “alienated labor” is an explosive ground zero for revolutionary practice upon which are decided the daily realities of our collective reproduction. Beginning with Federici’s organizational work in the Wages for Housework movement, the essays collected here unravel the power and politics of wide but related issues including the international restructuring of reproductive work and its effects on the sexual division of labor, the globalization of care work and sex work, the crisis of elder care, the development of affective labor, and the politics of the commons.

An excellent talk.

More information:

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