offgrid 2012

When Politicians waste time, money and precious resources setting up climate change meetings that amount to absolutely nothing it is refreshing and inspiring to know that at least some people are taking climate change seriously in terms of finding low impact solutions to the problems that we are beginning to face.

Sunrise Offgrid is both a celebration of and the development of low energy solutions that shows us that there are ways of adapting to the coming storm without frivolously frittering away precious resources. Off grid looks at both old and new alternatives as a means of adapting to a time where many high quality resources will simply not be around.

There is an astonishing level of community, connectivity and friendly alliance forming going down under the skies of Sunrise Off grid. I found that almost every person I spoke to at Sunrise Off grid were warm friendly and genuine, and full of the spark to take on the uncertain future that capitalism and its needless over-consumption has brought about.

Gatherings like Sunrise Off grid are absolutely essential if we are to move towards a permanent culture, events like this need to be set up in our towns and cities as educational hubs where like minded people can meet up and share knowledge and skills which they in turn can pass onto others.

Buy tickets here and catch up with us at one of the best festivals of the year.

Steve and Mike

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