MichaelĀ  from Permanent Culture Now, explains the notion of the commons and why the commons are so important today. If we are to move forward then we need to change the way that resources and power are exercised and the commons is one way of reconfiguring society in order to do this.

“When we speak of the commons we speak not only of how to meet basic needs together, but also how to (re)produce modern life in common. It is encouraging that the new technologies for generating clean energy and information and communication technologies allow us to pursue new experiences of commoning. They provide us with the tools for producing collaboratively, on a peer-to-peer basis, what we need: electricity, free and open software, designs, drugs, and much more. At the same time, community radio stations, the advent of copyleft, and the digital experiences of self-organization, exemplify a paradigm in which what is produced by all is intended to be used and accessed by all. These tools and forms of collaboration have the potential to transform relations of power and of production and distribution of wealth. It’s up to us to tap that potential!” from the peoples assembly that met during theĀ Alternative Rio 20 summit.

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