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Dear friends,

You will know us as either Michael Thomas or Stephen Jones, you may know us personally or through social media through our networks or already liking our Permanent Culture Now project.We have a big ask of you, don’t worry it’s easy, we just want you to tell your friends about our Permanent Culture Now project, so that we can all help each other to develop a more ecologically sound and socially just future for everyone.

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Hi there, A friend of mine runs a project called Permanent Culture Now. It’s a really interesting project that helps people to develop a better future. It gives lots of information about loads of issues. Check it out. Hope you like it.

Help us by emailing friends about our site

It would be great if you could email your friends and tell them about our project, again we have written a brief message you can use, if you don’t want to write your own.

Hi there,

A friend of mine runs a project called Permanent Culture Now.

It’s a really interesting project that helps people to develop a better future and how we can cope with the issues of peak oil, climate change and food production. It gives lots of information about loads of issues, such as how to garden more effectively using permaculture techniques, what the transitions movement is, how to become more self sufficient, including films on interesting topics such as bees and permaculture, the commons and activism. They are adding stuff all the time and their facebook group provides loads of interesting articles. Check it out here.

Hope you like it.

Why should I tell my friends about your project

If you want to know why you should do this then please read the following.

The Permanent Culture Now project is a practical project attempting to develop a fairer, just and more sustainable future in conjunction with as many people as possible, our method of achieving this is by sharing knowledge, information, friendship and solidarity as we begin to face the very difficult problems ahead of us. You must have noticed the rise in unemployment, the rising costs of food, the increasingly withdrawal of services, the increasingly corrupt political systems.

We are living in very uncertain times, as you may have noticed:

  • Economies around the world are struggling to function
  • We face the massive issues of peak oil, climate change, and economic inequality on a grand scale.
  • Political leaders are totally failing to address to any of these issues.
  • Food and water are set to become even more scarce in the future.
  • Energy supplies are limited and are diminishing at ever greater rates, combined with other China and India increasingly needing more and more energy

So it is down to ourselves to do all we can to change from a culture of built in Obsolescence and division to one which values all living beings and is based on fairness.

Permanent Culture Now provides you with the information to begin to rethink how the future may look, as well as providing you with practical tools and advice on what you can do now.

We believe that the future can be better for all of us but we need to:

  • Understand clearly the issues we face
  • Understand how to make a change
  • Understand the history that has lead to where we are now
  • Understand how we can practically take action in our own lives to become more self sufficient in our life
  • Understand how to help each other and build communities

This is what we aim to help you do with our project.

We provide the tools and knowledge to prepare people to cope with the future, be it growing food, developing alternative energy options or reducing energy use. Most importantly though educating yourself to understand where we are at and what we can do to improve the future. Read here to find out more

We need your help to spread the word to as many people as possible, so please check out what we have lined up for the future of the project hereĀ

Our project may not be your thing, but even if you don’t like this sort of thing, we’re sure you someone who does so please send them our way, it is really easy to do and we really appreciate the time it takes you to do it.

Thank you for doing this,

Yours truly,

Mike and Steve

Building a permanent culture now for our generation and future generations around the world.

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